I completed some basic mock up web page designs today. Sometimes I find it more practical if you create visual references to show a designer how you want a layout to work.

I’ve come up with a rough design for a homepage and a gallery page- which should deal with both horizontal and portrait images within a web page. There’s several issues that still need dealing with; actual sizing of different images on the page in relation to the design; the title font isn’t right yet in ‘impact’- though I like Verdana; and I think I’ll use square cropped thumbnails (instead) that are ‘greyed out’ (other than the thumb of the actual image you are viewing at any time).

However I’ve worked out the kind of ‘style’ of web layout I want. Sometimes it’s better to keep everything simple.

Homepage example:

Gallery page (using one of my studio portrait crop images) example:

Note the thumbnail’s I’ve used are just for visual reference on the page- they belong in a different gallery.


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