I did some corrections to my proposed navigation menu today:

I decided to add a ‘Home’ link. Initially I wanted as little navigation links as possible on the top menu- I would have been happy using my ‘name’ on the page as the link you click on to get back to ‘Home’. However not everyone knows that you can do this on a website, so I thought I’d better make it obvious by adding a ‘Home’ link to navigate back to the home page.

I also added two little graphic horizontal dividers (within the menu navigation) to split the menu up into relevant areas, and also added a non link word- PORTFOLIO for the three portfolio gallery name links I’ve chosen. I kind of looked at the three gallery headers – STUDIO/ LOCATION/ PERSONAL, and wondered if everyone looking at the site would know what I mean. Ie ‘LOCATION’- does that mean where your business is..?


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Professional commercial photographer.
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