I added an ‘About’ link to the Menu navigation to see what it looked like (see example below). Again, I was trying to avoid having extra links (or info) cluttering up the page- but it seems you sometimes can’t avoid it if you want certain aspects to your site. Some of the very top level professional photographer websites tend to minimise everything in terms of detail/links. I have a feeling they can do that because they already have a broad existing client base used to accessing at their work- particularly in the Advertising industry.

Still undecided about having an extra ‘About’ page. To do it I’ll have to make the graphic layout of the site bigger (screen-dimensionally) in order to create some space on the top title menu, alongside my name. It’s now getting a bit cluttered- I don’t like it as much as my previous designs. It’s either that or get rid of the ‘News’ link in the top menu navigation and have it somewhere on the ‘About’ page within the text- but I don’t want to do that. I want all necessary links on the top menu navigation as you open the Homepage, then consistent throughout the site wherever you navigate to.

I’ve selected four or five shots for the Homepage – currently not sure if this will be one of them – but I like the image and wanted to see what it looked like on the design.


About benguest

Professional commercial photographer.
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