I’ve been delayed furthering my site design recently because of work, but managed to return to it this weekend. However, I’m in Web Format Conundrum/Problem City right now. Following my ‘too many links along the top strap line’ dilemma, a clever friend of mine suggested something obvious and simple: have the Portfolio page links as a ‘drop down menu’ instead. So I tried it, but then found two further format problems with my current design: A/ If I have my name on the left hand side (as I’d like) it means I’ll have to move the ‘Portfolio’ link to far right – at the end of all the links – to prevent the drop down menu actually appearing over the images when displayed vertically as a ‘drop down’ list (and also having the ‘Portfolio link as the last link in the list would just be wrong!); and B/ If I switch it around and have my name on the right, which then allows me to have the ‘Portfolio’ link at the beginning of all the links, I still have a slight formatting problem with some of the images, even if I display the ‘Portfolio’ links as a horizontal ‘drop down’ list instead. This is the type of dilemma you may face when having different format ratio images within a single web page ‘format’. Hopefully my web designer will be able to sort out this issue in regard to how the images are loaded within the design format.

This is the problem I noticed. Having the images as large as possible within the design currently means one of the portfolio links can end up sitting over a portrait image. I put a full portrait (black) and full horizontal shape (light grey) in together, to see how it looked.

This is ok because you can obviously make the portrait images slightly smaller- though I’m starting to dislike the ‘fit’ of the design when the drop down menu comes in- but I can live with that with some adjustment.

However the problem I’ve found with it is this. When you start having to make design adjustments with all this malarky, certain horizontal images (which have less height than others) then look like they’re ‘floating’ in the middle of the page and not as ‘anchored’ to the rest of the design (particularly when the drop down menu isn’t selected), of which I dislike!

I’m sure there’s a way around that in terms of visual display (without cropping those horizontal images at the sides in order to extend their ‘height’ in terms of ratio), and I’m not technically smart enough with what can/can’t be done with displaying images on a website to know whether this is problem that can be solved for horizontal/portrait images all to fit ‘snuggly’ within the design- so I’ll have to refer it to my web designer. It just made me realise, once again, that trying to format a design on a website for showing images (if they’re not all the same format ratio) can be problematic- unless you have a lot of money to spend on more complicated web design functionality.


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  1. I normally don’t post in Blogs but your blog pressured me to, incredible function.. stunning …

  2. pc spiele says:

    Super-Duper web site! I am loving it!! Will come again once more – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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