I’ve discovered potential client copyright issues (of which I completely understand/empathise with), with some of the commercial images I’ve made over the years.

Not using a few of these images diminishes the overall visual ‘effectiveness’ – in terms of immediate impact – for at least one gallery portfolio ‘option’ I designated/designed (at least in my own personal super critical opinion!). So I may have to adapt my gallery layout with differing images to ‘pad’ it out as a section.

I mocked up some changes to the ‘galleries’ links in the top menu navigation. I doubt I’ll go for these first attempts; they’re just temporary ideas to be expanded on. However I have a deadline to get the layout/design finalised (for the site to be built in Nov), so I made a start. The Devil is always in the details, particularly when you make changes…

Who said designing a professional photographer’s website was easy!

I came up with this initially (see below). Though naming the portfolio galleries as: 1/2/Personal is a bit cack-handed! I may go for Galleries 1/2/3 instead. But I also don’t like that as a ‘description’ for differing portfolio’s (though some pro-photographers do it that way). I prefer them catagorised/named in relation to what they are. I think it’s more intuitive for a person looking at a website.

So- time to get my thinking hat on again. The upside is this could ‘shorten’ the info details along the header. It also may solve my ‘too many words/info in the header strapline’ problem I encountered when adding the extra menu links (discussed previously).

I also tried this instead, using a drop down menu from ‘Portfolio’ on the left, with the same gallery links added.

Just for fun: I’ve used another image taken on my travels (within the template) that I also added to my image library website the other day. Though not sure if I’ll include this particular image on my new website as of yet.


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