About Page and background colour

My website developer put online a temporary ‘Home Page’ (I mocked up) several days ago, at benguest.com. This will stay up until the new website goes online. My old website isn’t fully available at this address anymore – though we may keep it at another address for old time’s sake.

Prior to handing over my final designs I decided to darken the grey background. The Temp Home Page actually uses the ‘old’ grey I’ve used for blog examples up to this point. I think the background is improved when more ‘charcoal’ in tone. I discovered this when deliberately adjusting the jpegs (darker) for my blog- to match the visual working profile in Photoshop of the same images. For some reason the image colours go a bit lighter/ less contrasty when putting my P.Shop edited jpeg’s into WordPress. I’ve had to adjust them accordingly when up loading.

Here’s the new current ‘About Page’ design using the darker grey (swatch tone 323232 in P.shop), without any adjustment for viewing changes, when up-loading to WordPress.

This is how it looks (approximately) when ‘deliberately’ adjusting the image to make it similar to what I see – as a visual comparison – with the actual version I’m using in P.Shop (on my monitor). It’s a further ‘correction’ for WordPress I have to do.

The image profile ‘shift’ for WordPress has indirectly done me a favour when designing the site. But I’m not sure why profile changes occur when transferring images to WordPress, after editing in P.shop. Is there a different profile that WordPress uses, which you can also use when editing in p.shop?


About benguest

Professional commercial photographer.
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