Ben Guest Photographer Website Now Online

My new website is now online at

It took a little longer than expected.

I began designing the layout in late September 2010, then got busy with work (as did my web developer) for a couple of months. We went through a couple of revisions in Dec/ Jan- then transfered it to a new server in Feb, where I’ve been using a dfferent web address up until now. We’ve now switched the website to my normal website address.

A big shout out to Piotr Smietalo and Dominika Sochon at ArtCreation for developing the back-end of the site. Thanks for your patience guys.

Also, my further thanks to: a top Yank in Seattle who created my last website and very generously helped me with the transfer- Mike Karikas at Karikas Interactive; Joel Biss at Nippy Gecko for setting up my new hosting professionally and very quickly in February; Craig Judd at ID7 for previous hosting; and a very nice Emma Stirrup (as well as my Mum and Dad!) for kindly taking the time to proof-read my About Page text whilst adding extremely helpful input. Any grammatical misdemeanours (of which I may have added afterwards) are entirely my own responsibility!

There’s currently a small glitch with some of the gallery thumbnails visual ‘appearance’ for anyone without fast broadband and/or computer – you may have to refresh the page after loading it to make them ‘appear’ correctly – but other than that the site is fully operational. I’ll be updating it further with new images as I go along.

I hope you enjoy the images.


June 2011


About benguest

Professional commercial photographer.
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