Going through the process of thinking about how a contact page should work. This is what I achieved after about an hour or so in Photoshop today.

I initially wanted the contact details to be very simple and appear without headers, but also wanted to find a way of making it obvious that one of the links goes to another website (a stock library). However I didn’t want to write a load of details about all that (and by default have that other link somewhere else on the page), therefore I opted for headers to make the information clearer as a list. As of yet I’m undecided as to whether this is the way I want the page to work- but you have to start somewhere.

I’m also undecided about having an extra ‘About’ page. It’s a nice thing to do, I notice a lot of professional photographers have it nowadays on their websites. Yet I’ve also got a bit of an ‘old school’ mentality- the actual images should do the work for you. Having said that, some details about yourself adds a human dimension; it gives clients a better picture about who they are going to deal with. I’m undecided right now. I may also lose that particular ‘logo’ image of me and replace it with something else. It was a bit of fun when I made it a few years ago, but I’m slightly unsure about using it professionally on a broader basis.

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The big expense issue for photographers is having a Content Management System built into your site, however I may just go down the more basic route of using a client ftp to upload images- ie having to manage it myself a bit more on a technical level. I also started mocking up my ‘Contact’ page today whilst playing around with other elements of the design- though I’m not going to post them yet.

I spent some time tonight adding different images in Photoshop to see how they fit within the galleries, or homepage. I particularly liked this shot within the basic web layout I’ve created. Once again it’s another older portfolio shot made on film (this time 5/4) that I’ve scanned hi res recently.

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I completed some basic mock up web page designs today. Sometimes I find it more practical if you create visual references to show a designer how you want a layout to work.

I’ve come up with a rough design for a homepage and a gallery page- which should deal with both horizontal and portrait images within a web page. There’s several issues that still need dealing with; actual sizing of different images on the page in relation to the design; the title font isn’t right yet in ‘impact’- though I like Verdana; and I think I’ll use square cropped thumbnails (instead) that are ‘greyed out’ (other than the thumb of the actual image you are viewing at any time).

However I’ve worked out the kind of ‘style’ of web layout I want. Sometimes it’s better to keep everything simple.

Homepage example:

Gallery page (using one of my studio portrait crop images) example:

Note the thumbnail’s I’ve used are just for visual reference on the page- they belong in a different gallery.

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Stock Image Library

Another image I’ve put in my stock library this week. Taken in Cape Tribulation (Queensland, Australia) in 1996, again on Fuji Velvia. I was photographing some of the patterns the excess rain forest water creates, as it cuts into the beach and runs off into the sea, and fleetingly caught this rather exquisite scene. A little silent magic moment captured in the blink of an eye.

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Stock image library

As my new website progresses (currently under design) I’m building up a separate site for some of my stock images. In order to get things going (a few of them will be deleted – and/or be replaced – as I select better images), a very random selection of some of these are now displayed at :

This is one of my personal favourites. It was taken in the Wallowa Mountain Range (Oregon USA) on Fuji Velvia in late December 1999.

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The beginning.

It’s the 11th of September 2010. I can feel a slightly cool breeze, coming in through the window by my computer, signaling the end of what was not always a great British summer for weather. But then is it ever? Yet I can see patches of red in the evening sky tonight, suggesting this years summer isn’t quite over just yet…

I’m beginning this blog section today; which will be linked to my new website within the next few weeks.


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